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open area

A space where you can feel nature with lots of trees and greenery

Events and MTG in a space with a Japanese archipelago type table!

Online MTG available.


Japanese archipelago type table

The characteristic Japanese archipelago table can be used according to the purpose, such as arranging the Japanese archipelago or disassembling it.


​ Microphones, projectors, etc.

We also have microphones and projectors for the event. Please see the facilities below for details.

スクリーンショット 2023-04-24 13.57.28.png

A space with the warmth of wood and diatomaceous earth

In Shinjuku, in the middle of Tokyo, we offer a space with a gentle atmosphere surrounded by wood and diatomaceous earth.

​Usage image

​Please check before making a reservation.

Price ¥ 16,500 (tax included) / hour
Equipment (free)
MFPs: printers, copiers, faxes,
Scanner (Billing for usage)
・High-speed wireless LAN
・Various mobile phone chargers
・Two microphones ・Speaker set
​・5 multi-tap (power supply)
Equipment (charged)
・Projector (with connector for Mac) 5500 yen/time
Whiteboard   1650 yen/time
・Screen   1100 yen/time
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